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Nissan Sentra is a line of cars with a storied history. One can see why, given that it went from being a subcompact model from 1982 to 1999 to a compact model with mid-size aspirations from 1999 forward. It's the many changes along the way, however, that made it the icon it is today.

As early as 1984, Sentra Deluxe and XE trims were already proving solid replacements for the outgoing Datsun 210. The lineup was available at first as a sedan with two-door and four-door variants, a five-door station wagon, and a three-door hatchback Nissan called a sport coupe. An athletic SE option was introduced 1985, and a second generation followed, adding a three-door hatchback and offering E and GXE trims. In fact, there are still a few rare four-wheel-drive wagons out there from 1987, 1988, and 1989.

The third generation would show up in 1990, followed by a facelift in 1993 and a zippy SE-R variant. The fourth generation, in 1995, appeared as a sedan only, and with a top-tier SE Limited trim. There were minor changes until 1999, when a fifth generation was introduced. It offered both a new SE-R and a high-performance SE-R Spec V trim.

The 2.5 qualifier was added to model names in 2003, just before a minor facelift in 2004, which would also see NISMO S-Tune and R-Tune upgrades offered. There was a Special Edition made available in 2005 and 2006, when a little larger sixth generation appeared. Yet another new version of the SE-R became available for 2007, along with an upgraded SL trim.

A FE+ 2.0 S trim followed in 2009, just before the 2010 refresh that was to lead to the completely redesigned seventh generation in 2012. This year's trim levels were many, ranging from S, FE+ S, and SV to FE+ SV, SR, and SL. There were changes galore until a 2016 facelift, and in 2017, SR Turbo and NISMO trims were added. Today, for an eight generation that began in 2019 with a simplified S, SV, and SR lineup, Sentra has proven what its history suggests: it's still a favorite.

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